The Dataful Payments Sandbox

At the heart of 20022 Labs are live working environments for exploring, testing, developing and integrating ISO 20022 solutions to individual corporate, vendor and collaborative use-cases.

We work to provide these sandboxes in cooperation with our partners as client-controlled, virtual sandbox environments. Research findings from proprietary sandbox usage remains the property of the sponsoring parties, though Lab policies will encourage the publication of non-proprietary results to further Lab objectives, and the Lab will retain the right to use findings necessary to guide Lab operations and research.Lab experiments will generally fall under five categories, with core payments systems at the center of it all.

We are currently working to establish various real-time payment systems within the sandbox that will serve as core infrastructure for experiments conducted by 20022 Labs and its partners. The first set of experiments are being developed with the Canadian insurance industry.

We also hope to soon offer sample data sets, message format tools, technical consulting services and a regulatory sandbox enabling limited real-world testing.


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