In pursuit of dataful payments.

20022 Labs is working to accelerate the adoption and use of the ISO 20022 standard globally.

Enabling stronger, more efficient economies

What is ISO 20022?

ISO 20022 has emerged as the global standard for payment messaging, and it allows for larger amounts of data to travel with payment messages.

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Why a Lab?

The world is standardizing on ISO 20022 as the common language for payments.
But, adoption is still a challenge.

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Use Cases

We work with experts within their respective industries, geographies and supply-chains to develop specific use cases that demonstrate the real-world value of adopting ISO 20022.

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How can your organization benefit from ISO 20022?

Why work with 20022 Labs?

Accelerated Adoption

Access the tools and best practices that will help your organization capture competitive advantages from being an early adopter of ISO 20022.

Knowledge Acquisition

Education, advisory services and a global community of experts will help your organization develop the business cases and skills to leverage ISO 20022.

Shared Costs & Risk

Reduces costs for implementation, by leveraging investments by others, and reduces risks by helping to close the market gap.

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Our New Discussion Paper on Corporate Adoption of ISO 20022

Over the last 18 months 20022 Labs’ team has engaged with dozens of corporate payments users, including professionals responsible for…

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20022 Labs Launches its Pursuit of ‘Dataful’ Payments, Announces First Industry Collaboration.

Canadian insurance industry working with 20022 Labs to better understand and prepare for the potential of 20022-enabled payments. TORONTO, CANADA,…

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A needed addition to the global ISO 20022 movement.

By Gerry Gaetz, President and CEO of Payments Canada The world is slowly-but-surely transitioning its payment systems to use the…

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Turning words into action on the journey to data rich payments with ISO 20022

The following interview was published on payments.ca on March 29, 2019   A conversation with Mike Sigal, Partner at 500…

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