About Us

20022 Labs is a non-profit organization that brings together corporations, vendors, investors, fintech companies and financial institutions to accelerate the adoption of the ISO 20022 payment messaging standard. Through our various offerings, we work to increase, coordinate, consolidate and elevate market demand for ISO 20022 through practical strategic services including our Dataful Sandbox—a set of fully functional payment environments for demonstration, testing and experimentation.

We see a dataful future.

Our vision is for a globally pervasive and integrated, dataful payment
infrastructure enabling stronger, more efficient economies.

Why is ISO 20022 adoption so vital?

To achieve our vision, the world needs more data inside of payment messages, and ISO 20022 is by far the most likely achieve it.

Our Mandate

Here are the six key areas of focus to support the full adoption cycle of ISO 20022:

Amplifying Demand

We work with a global community of end-user businesses and solutions vendors, demonstrating the commercial benefits of ISO 20022 adoption, and supporting the development of laws and rules.

Conducting Research

We both support and undertake research on the economic opportunity and factors for implementation success while creating, curating, and delivering content and education.

Supporting Interoperability

We will seize opportunities to support the interoperability of payment systems through ISO 20022 implementation –both domestically and across borders.

Providing education and consulting services

We will provide the services needed to help organizations build the capabilities and business cases that will advance the adoption of ISO 20022.

Evaluating and Certifying

We will evaluate and certify the tools, technologies, and capabilities to support adoption and accelerate ROI.

Establishing real-world ‘sandbox’ environments

The cornerstone of the lab is a sandbox for testing, evaluating, developing and inventing ISO 20022-enabled services within various real-world environments.

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