Matching historical payments

If a company makes a repetitive payment, a Telco can use the historical payment to match and automatically apply a payment by reconciling between bank deposit and email. 

Vendor Payments (for multiple invoices)

An insurer makes a periodic payment to a preferred vendor that covers multiple invoices. With ISO 20022, a single payment can be sent with remittance data that details all the invoices that a single aggregated payment is intended to cover. The vendor can receive confirmation of the payment credited to their account and information on…

Commission Fees (paid to Insurance Brokers/Agents)

An insurer makes a payment to a broker for commission fees on policies the broker has sold over a period of time. The broker typically prefers payment by cheque with a detailed breakdown of payment for reconciliation purposes. With ISO 20022 payments, remittance data providing a breakdown can travel with the payment, which can be…

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